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Smart toys for kids ages 2–8

  • Learn Letters & Colors

    We replaced the old way of learning letters like A for Apple, B for Banana and C for Cat, with S.T.E.M related learning experiences such as A for Atom, B for Boron and C for carbon.

    We added bold and vibrant colors that are known to increase a child's IQ by attracting their attention to details and stimulate creative thinking.

  • Learn Words & Definition

    Understanding and hearing the definition or an explanation of a word will positively affect context and language development.

    Learning these words will fundamentally contribute to their knowledge on science, innovation, culture, inspiration, curiosity and creativity.

  • Learn with Images

    Images help to increase comprehension and self- awareness. When an image is present, the entire brain is engaged.

    Having the mind work while learning is critical for academic education and mental development.

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