15 Best Flashcards for Toddlers: Fun and Educational Activities

Do you want your toddler to be more intelligent than the average 2-year old? Flashcards are a great way to make this happen. This article will help you find the best Flashcards for Toddlers so that your little one can grow up with advanced vocabulary and reading skills.



I'm so excited to share with you one of the best and most educational alphabet flashcards for toddlers! With 27 cards, 26 letters, 1 fun Q&A card, these are perfect for your child's A-Z S.T.E.M. learning experience! 



These include 27 science-themed cards covering all sorts of topics from animals to planets and everything in between; 26 letter blocks that will help children learn their A.B.C.s; a fun Q&A card where they can ask anything about any subject (science-related or not) on this board game style card. 


You can use these cards to play an alphabet game, or you can teach your child all the letters of the alphabet with this set. There are so many learning games and activities that you can do with just one deck! Make sure to grab yours today here .


2. ABC Flashcards for Toddlers

The first type of Flash Card is the ABC one, an excellent introduction to reading and word recognition skills. These can be used in many different ways, such as spelling out names or words from one letter at a time.

This set comes with 26 illustrated flashcards covering upper and lowercase letters, color words, animal sounds, shapes, and more! There are also pictures, so it will keep your child engaged while learning how to read basic vocabulary. 

The only downside is that these cards come unfolded, which means you need to fold them before giving them to your toddler and keep an eye on their safety when playing with this product around them.


3. Learning Resources Teach Me Time

Teach me time by learning resources is a great way to teach your child about the 24 hours in a day and how various long activities take. It will also help them learn basic math skills, which can make their everyday lives easier. This set includes 12 illustrated flashcards with two double-sided cards per page, one side showing hands on an analog clock and the other displaying digital numbers.

The only downside of this product is that it comes unfolded, so you need to be sure to fold these before giving them to your toddler, or else they may get hurt playing with them while the card is not folded up properly.


4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun With Friends Learning Cards (12) Pack - English

The next type of Flash Card is the Fisher-Price Laugh, and learn one with 12 illustrated cards. This set contains 24 different pictures on each card that will teach your child about animal sounds, shapes, colors as well as numbers up to 20.

These are great because they come in a pack of 12, which means you can store them all together when not in use or if you want to take some out at a time. The only downside is that these cards do not have an easy way for toddlers to hold onto them, so be careful while they are playing around with this product!


5. Leapfrog Learn & Groove Musical Table (English Edition) - English Version Only

This is another fun interactive toy from leapfrog called the LEAPfrog to learn and groove musical tables. It includes various activities for your toddler to enjoy, such as word games, color matching exercises, number lessons, and more! This set also comes with 26 cards placed on the toy to create an interactive learning experience.

The only downside is that these do not come unfolded, which means you need to go through each card before giving them to your child so they are safe around this product while playing with it, or else they could get hurt if you forget.


6. Melissa & Doug Alphabet Cards

The next type of flashcard is the Melissa and Doug alphabet set. This set comes with 26 illustrated letters that can be used to spell out words from one letter at a time, practice new vocabulary, or play around with these in general. There are also pictures on each card so your child will stay entertained while learning to read basic English vocabulary.

One downside is that this product does not come unfolded, so you need to unfold all of them before giving any of these products to your toddler, as it could hurt them if they try to play with an unfolded card! Another downside would be that there are only 26 illustrations that may get boring after some time since there isn't much variety in the cards.


7. Leapfrog Alphabet Discovery Cards (English Edition)

This next type of flashcard from leapfrog is the alphabet discovery set. This has 26 different illustrated letters to teach your child how to read and write essential English words such as apple, cat, or night. There are also pictures on each card so your toddler will stay entertained while learning new vocabulary.

The only downside would be that this product does not come unfolded, which means you need to fold all of them before giving any products like these out for use at home with a toy because it could hurt someone if they try playing around with an unfolded one. 


8. Playskool Toddler Flashcards Set

This set includes the alphabet, numbers, counting to 20, and colors. It also includes a special Z-shaped card for toddlers with zero comprehension skills. The cards are durable, bright, and easy to hold on to—perfect for when your little one is learning their first words.

It features 15 New & Improved Cards from our previous release of Playskool Alphabet Blocks® 34 Pieces – Ages 18 Months+ (Formerly known as Let's Play). This package contains two panels which include 120 full color illustrated flashcards in total that cover four subjects, including ABC Letter Recognition, Numbers, Colors, Shapes. These contain no glue or stickum surfaces, so they will not pull your child's hair or clothes.


9. Brighter Child First Words Toddler Flashcards

Brighter Child is a series of flashcards that help children learn basic vocabulary and concepts. These colorful cards are printed on heavy board stock with raised, embossed images for tactile learning. Each card is numbered at the bottom corner, so you can use them in order or mix them up to keep things interesting. 

The set includes 123-word cards: first words such as "cat," "ball," and "dog." There are also 30 category cards, including animals, foods, colors, and shapes—and finally 50 picture/word match game cards like "soup" matched with an image of soup bubbling on a stovetop.

When I played this game with my daughter, she knew what every single one of these cards was. The pictures are so colorful and engaging that she can't help but learn from them!

This set is a great way to introduce numbers, shapes, colors, and more—as well as boosting your child's vocabulary in one fun package. If you're getting ready for school or need an extra-special learning toy to keep on hand at home, this set of flashcards is sure to be perfect for toddlers aged 18 months+.


10. LiKee Alphabet and Number Flash Cards Puzzle

Likee is an Australian company that makes a variety of educational toys. Their Alphabet and Number Flash Cards Puzzle is interactive, engaging, and features bright colors to grab the attention of your little one. It's easy for them to see their progress on building each letter or number, leading you both through the process of learning how letters work together or what numbers add up to make more significant numbers.

"The LiKee Alphabet and Numbers flash cards puzzle is great because it has all 26 English alphabets as well as numerical digits from 0-20." It also offers two ways for kids to interact with the product: they can either place individual pieces on top of each other to create the letter or number, or they can place all 26 pieces on top of one another and use them as a puzzle. Plus it has bright colors that are eye catching for little ones."


11. Banana Panda High Contrast Flashcards on a Ring

Banana Panda High Contrast Flashcards on a Ring. This set of 18 cards includes animals, numbers, and letters with the old-fashioned black lines against white backgrounds. The pictures are colorful and realistic, while the cardstock is heavy enough to stand up to being used repeatedly without bending or tearing. These high-contrast flashcards for toddlers are perfect for teaching colors.


12. Think Tank Scholar Sight Words Flash cards Bundle Kit

This bundle kit contains 180 cards total. It includes 12 sets of 15 words, each set with its color and design that children can quickly identify. The cards are made from heavy-duty card stock for durability and stand up to toddler playtime rigors! These bright colors will also help your child develop their visual senses through a variety of different textures in this fun activity.

It offers your toddler the opportunity to learn, develop their reading skills, and build vocabulary. It also offers the opportunity for your child to practice letter sounds with every word they read! The kit is divided into four color-coded levels, so you can find a challenging level that's right for them.


13. The Butterflies Baby Flash Cards

The Butterflies Baby Flash Cards will appeal to toddlers because they make it easy to flip over cards with durable material while remaining clear and readable from either side of them - perfect for those who like making things "disappear" by flipping them; upside down!

This kit comes with various colorful, sturdy flashcards that teach many different concepts such as shapes, animals, numbers, and everyday objects found around their surroundings.

These cute little cards are sure to engage your child's visual senses and provide them with a fun way to learn basic vocabulary. It is an excellent way for children to learn and play at the same time.


14. Three-Corner Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards

 These flashcards provide an easy way for kids to learn basic math skills with colorful illustrations and brief explanations. Includes addition, subtraction, and word problems that help children understand the concepts of adding up or taking away numbers in a single column.

 Easy-to-follow directions on the back - Fold each card flat to form three corners; put cards together, so all addends are exposed at once!


15. School Zone Picture Words Toddler Flashcards

The School Zone Picture Words Toddler Flashcards is one of our best picks because it has very thick cardstock, which will stand up to toddler use while remaining remarkably clear and easy to read. The colors are bright and eye-catching for engaging the visual senses. It is a fun way to introduce basic vocabulary in a practical yet straightforward manner using simple pictures accompanied by words on each card.

This kit includes 12 sets of 15 cards total - enough cards so that you can take one with you when heading out for errands or playdates! This bundle will give your child plenty of opportunities to learn new things through hands-on activities, which promotes their understanding and helps them build critical social skills such as cooperation and sharing.

The School Zone Picture Words Toddler Flashcards features sturdy, durable flashcards explicitly designed with toddlers in mind because they have thick cardstock while remaining remarkably clear and easy to read despite heavy use. It also includes fun words on each card accompanied by pictures so children can learn basic vocabulary quickly through these hands-on activities.


It's essential to keep your toddler engaged and stimulated with a variety of activities. These 15 best flashcards for toddlers are the perfect way to do that! They're bright, engaging, and fun - up to the rigors of playtime! Spend some quality time learning together now so you can enjoy more family time later on in life.

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