Our Story

Why are we doing this?


Kids Maker Lab was founded by Andre and Thuy Kay, after the birth of their son Parker.

Armed with a new found perspective on life, their passion to provide the best path to success for their son and other children born in a digital age, grew exponentially. An important and burning question would drive their foray into creating Kids Maker Lab: “Who will be responsible for making sure our kids – Jayden and Parker – are supported, nurtured and given the proper knowledge, resources and skills needed to survive the future technological and digital revolutions?”

To answer that key question, they researched the historic, contemporary and potential future attributes of the traditional systematic learning methodology. They did not find answers convincing enough to satisfy an appropriate direction for their vision of next generation learning. The current education system is still based on a formula developed centuries ago. Andre and Thuy were convinced they needed an approach that goes far beyond the memorization of knowledge, one that is tangible, fun and exploratory. A shift in process that would bridge the gap between traditional classrooms and learning how to build the future and solve global problems through curiosity and creative literacy.

Andre and Thuy quickly realized they wanted to lay a foundation that would inspire kids to embrace their inner maker, enhance their problem solving capabilities and explore self-discovery. Kids Maker Lab encourage kids to get their hands dirty, fix things, break things and have a lot of fun doing so! A focus on the tools and processes needed to nurture ingenuity, foster curiosity and creativity in children; however, is just the beginning.

These three things became very clear for Andre and Thuy:

1. They needed to revolutionized the way kids learn.

2. If they can do it for their kids, they can do it for other kids.

3. They needed help doing it


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