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Educational Wooden Clock

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$17.99 USD

This analog clock helps your child to understand the 24 hours of the day, practice 5-minute intervals, and understand that 9 o'clock in the evening is called 21.

With this educational and colorful clock, your child can easily learn colors, numbers, and telling the time. Your child can easily understand the difference between hours and minutes since the hands of the clock have different lengths and colors.

The hands of the clock are designed for small fingers and are easy to move. Develops fine motor skills and logical thinking. 

Can be placed on a table or hung on a wall as a decoration. Each part is thoroughly tested, so you can trust that the clock is safe to use. 

Educational and classic wooden toys that help your child to learn telling the time, counting, and understanding the connection between shapes and balance.

Board part/ Hands: Plywood, Acrylic paint, Clear acrylic lacquer
Stand: ABS plastic
Renewable material (wood). We want to have a positive impact on the planet. 
Width: 25 cm
Height: 3 cm
Length: 27 cm
Weight: 0.58 kg
Package(s): 1