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Happy Itchy Monster Book

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Happy Itchy Monster is a fun and colorful true story about Kingston, our youngest child. As his parents, we have to deal with endless days of him suffering from atopic dermatitis. He itches his skin aggressively to ease the pain, but that only makes it worst. We tried every product available, but nothing worked. Until his aunt told us about one last product to try, and that helped him tremendously!

We added that product to our daily skin routine, now Kingston is enjoying more playtime with his brothers without itching. We wrote this book to share our story with any parent with a child suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Happy Itchy Monster is an excellent inspiration for your child to know it will be okay. Things will get better.

Besides, this is a great book to add to any kid's storytime. If you like Pete the Cat, The Very Hungry Caterpillar or I Love You to the Moon and Back stories, then you will love the Happy Itchy Monster book.

If you know a child with eczema, the Happy Itchy Monster book would be a great gift.